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Take Me Back Home

March 8th, 2006 + 7:03 AM  ·  Timotheus

This song is, as the title suggests, about wanting to go back home.  'Catford' is the name of the place where I live; it used to be where the cows crossed the river (cattle-ford), but was shortened to 'Catford'.  That's why there's that line about cows.  Also, 'Chicago' is the name of a nightclub in Canterbury; I'm not insulting Chicago the place, I've never been there - I have no idea if it's full of cheap sluts.

Take me back home

Bromley South station
54 miles away
Paper bag rustling
Across my day

I want to go home
Catford is where I'll be
Where cows cross the river
Please take me

Ancient walls do nothing
To stay interesting to me
Chicago sounds glamorous
If you cost just 50p

Take me back home

Nothing is sacred
And nothing is free
Nothing important
Is easy to be

Roses are red
The colour of dreams
When you're stabbed in the back
Well that's how it seems to me

Take me back home

Freezing Cold

March 8th, 2006 + 7:03 AM  ·  Timotheus

This song is about missing my girlfriend.  I look forward to reading about why you dislike it.
Here are the lyrics:

This room's so cold
I don't want to get into bed
My skin's so old
My world is dead

My head contains
Ten thousand pictures of you
Fading fast
Nothing lasts

This room's so big
I've got so many things to do
I think of you
It's like you knew

I love your words
You always know just what to say
To make my day
Melt away

If I could have one more touch
If I could have one more kiss
If we did it all again
I'd still be alone like this

This room's so full
Of things made to burn my soul
Is my goal

I feel empty
I feel like I'm wasting my life
Without you
By my side

This room's so full
Of things made to burn my soul
Is my goal

I feel empty
I feel like I'm fasting getting old
Without you
I feel so cold
I'm freezing cold

Why Only Really Bad

January 7th, 2006 + 7:01 AM  ·  Timotheus

Full title should read 'Why Only Really Bad People Drink Lots And Lots Of Alcohol'.  This is a song in 2 parts, about the alcohol addiction in my family.  Hope you enjoy it!  (btw, the guitaring isn't great - I'd only started teaching myself the guitar 4 months before I wrote and recorded this.  And yeah, the backing vocals are off in places.  And the drums don't have enough variation.  And I forgot to add a bass, and it gets repetitive towards the end.... But hey, I said I'd stop doing girly songs - this one has a swearword!).  Lyrics:

At 1:46, I burned my dreams alive
By 3:15, I realised

There is nothing left to
Dream about and nothing
I know, quite says home
Like staggering to a
Pounding in my head

By the time I've woken up
All my dreams have left me
Maybe if I beg and plead
They'll come for a drink with me

The only dangerous amount
Is nothing at all
Try saying this to me
As I crash into the wall

I learn by the failures
Of my past as such
I've come to understand
There's such a thing as 'too much'

The only dangerous amount
Is nothing at all
Try saying this to me
As I crash into the wall

What has your history got to do
With anything I say to you?
The road you're walking is a dead-end
Where everyone gets fucked in the end

Pretty Little Nerd

January 2nd, 2006 + 7:01 AM  ·  Timotheus

Ha, I'll stop doing girly songs soon, I promise...
I wrote this in 5 minutes, when I was mucking around with different MIDI sounds.
Just a short one, I imagine it as an intro to an album.

OK then, after pressure from the nutcases, here are the lyrics:

I love the way you feel
I love how you reveal to me
The sweeter side of you
Which captivates me so

I love the way I feel
I love when I'm with you
I'd be happy if we spent
The day alone

I love the way you talk
A beautiful echo

Which swirls around my heart
And makes me see that
I'd be happy with you
My Pretty Little Nerd

Song to the Moon

December 8th, 2005 + 8:12 AM  ·  Timotheus

This is a song about my partner and I wanting children.  My singing is a bit off in places, and there's lots of reverb and background hiss... but yeah, I'll let you guys tell me what else is wrong with it!

OK, since people have mentioned it, here are the lyrics, with symbolism and imagery relating to birds and light, and one of the lines taken from The Simpsons:

A thousand sparkles
Light the whole city tonight
While everyone sleeps
Amid the rushing wind of flight

Maybe one day I'll turn into a swan
Hope it happens before I'm gone

The swallow glides with speeds
You never could imagine
Flies by so fast you
Never do quite see it happen

The moon just wants
To see her own light
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